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State-of-the-art engine and CEL diagnostics capabilities

Modern commercial trucks, equipment and buses are sophisticated, with up to seven computer driven systems and over 100 sensors. Our highly qualified diesel mechanics and technicians use mobile computer scanners and laptops to quickly diagnose a Check Engine Light, troubleshoot error codes and perform system resets to clear codes.

Warning Lights, CEL’s & No-Start Systems Diagnostics

System sensor warnings are invaluable, but they can’t tell the whole story about what may be wrong with your diesel truck. Our mobile diesel mechanics and technicians provide expert diagnoses to determine the root issues detected by any of the dozens of sensors in today’s sophisticated diesel trucks and trailers. A Check Engine Light (CEL), for example, can be triggered by any of 20+ conditions – from a malfunctioning light to a serious safety issue that requires immediate attention. We’ll get to the bottom of things and make the necessary repairs so your equipment can safely get back on the road.

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