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Preventative Maintenance

Avoid breakdowns and costly repairs

Regular and consistent preventive maintenance of commercial vehicles reduces your diesel truck and equipment downtime and minimizes repair costs. Mobile Wrench provides a broad range of diesel truck, trailer and equipment fleet preventive maintenance, including oil/fluid changes, filter changes, unit greasing and other diesel truck mobile services that will keep your fleet operating at peak levels. We’ll inform you of deficiencies and provide recommendations on repairs or other services needed.

Preventive Maintenance A (PM-A) Service

PM-A, commonly referred to as a “Dry PM,” involves the inspection, greasing and other maintenance required for diesel vehicles, trailers, lift gates and other equipment. These periodic and often internally mandated services don’t typically include major fluid or filter changes. Mobile Wrench’s onsite, mobile fleet PM-A inspections are customized to comply with your internal inspection requirements.

Preventive Maintenance B (PM-B) Service

PM-B services, commonly referred to as “Wet PM.” PM-Bs involve changing oil, oil filters, fuel filters and air filters; checking all fluids; greasing the unit; checking and inflating tires; and a thorough inspection of the entire unit. We will inform you of any failures and deficiencies we find, along with recommendations for repairs or services needed.


Trailer Preventive Maintenance

Periodic trailer preventive maintenance is essential to reduce downtime and unexpected repairs for all types of trailers (small, single-axle trailers and goosenecks to full-size commercial 504-foot over-the-road trailers). Trailer preventive maintenance services include greasing the units; inspecting the bearings, seals and brakes; and checking the battery systems and lights. We recommend these preventive maintenance services be performed at least annually (Best done when doing annual DOT inspections). We will inform you of any failures and deficiencies we find, along with recommendations for repairs or services needed.

Liftgate Preventive Maintenance

Liftgate breakdown can take delivery trucks out of service with little warning. Mobile Wrench’s mobile mechanics provide scheduled liftgate maintenance services – including full greasing, checking all electrical components and inspecting liftgate support structures – to help ensure these trucks stay on the road and making deliveries.

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