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Repairs in Northern Colorado

Mobile repair services for diesel trucks, trailers and equipment

Thorough diagnoses and inspections are the foundation for efficient commercial truck repairs. Mobile Wrench’s highly qualified onsite, mobile diesel mechanics and technicians provide on-site mobile services to get right to the root of the problem and quickly repair the systems and components that need attention.

Brake Systems, Wheels and Components

Mobile Wrench’s diesel mechanics and technicians provide full, onsite inspection, repair and maintenance of brake systems, bearings and seals. They use state-of-the-art computer scanning equipment to evaluate deficiencies in the components. Mobile Wrench provides simple brake and bearing repacks as well as full brake, bearing and seal overhauls to ensure your commercial trucks, trailers and buses are safe, compliant and ready for the road.

Suspension Systems

Suspension system deterioration can be gradual … until it reaches the point where a commercial truck’s handling, performance and safety are affected. Mobile Wrench’s mobile diesel mechanics provide full onsite diagnosis and repair services for suspension components, including shocks, leaf springs, kingpins, airbags, shackles and hangers. Proper suspension not only ensures safety and reduces wear on tires and steering systems, but also improves driver comfort.

Lights & Electrical Systems

Inoperable lights and electrical systems are a common problem leading to safety, operational and compliance issues for owners of commercial diesel trucks and trailers. Our mobile diesel technicians will evaluate these systems and make the necessary repairs – from simply replacing bulbs and repairing bad connections to diagnosing and addressing far more serious issues.

Trailer Repairs

Mobile Wrench provides full trailer DOT inspection and repair service to keep your trailers safe, compliant and operational. Our mobile mechanics are prepared to address trailer light and electrical systems, repair brakes, repack wheel bearings, and repair seals, axles, couplers and other systems and components.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Broken or malfunctioning air conditioning systems can quickly become a safety issue for your drivers, not to mention a source of poor employee morale and numerous complaints for transit company customers. Mobile Wrench’s mobile diesel mechanics are certified and provide full, onsite air conditioning unit service and repair for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. They’re prepared to provide full mobile AC service, repair leaks and replace condensers, compressors and other components that are most often the cause of malfunctions.

Fuel System and Turbocharger Repair

Mobile Wrench’s expert on-site mobile diesel technicians provide full diagnostic and repair services for malfunctioning fuel systems, turbochargers and injector systems that can impede performance in modern, sophisticated commercial trucks. Even under normal use, fuel systems can develop problems such as failing fuel pumps, clogged injectors, failed sensors, failed turbocharges and more which can lead to increased emissions, poor fuel mileage and expensive engine repairs.

Hydraulic Systems Service & Repair

Our onsite mobile diesel mechanic services include diagnosis and repair of hydraulic systems on trucks, buses, aerial lifts, cranes, boom trucks and similar specialized equipment. We routinely repair the sensors, controls, pumps and hoses that are the most frequent causes of hydraulic system malfunctions.

Diesel Exhaust Systems and Regens

Beginning in 2007, diesel trucks were required to have diesel particulate and emission treatment systems, which can be the source of unexpected shutdowns and expensive repairs. If not regularly maintained and “regened” the particulate filters become clogged with corrosive carbon particles which can rob fuel mileage, affect performance, de-rate the truck systems and result in expensive repairs. Our expert onsite, mobile diesel technicians use state-of-the-art scanners to diagnose diesel truck exhaust issues and repair these systems, including performing forced regens to maximize a truck’s performance.

Don’t settle for second-rate truck repairs. Mobile Wrench brings highly qualified diesel mechanics straight to you. We use advanced tools and expertise to diagnose and repair any issue, saving you time and money.

Serving northern Colorado area including Fort Collins, Wellington, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Lyons, Berthoud, Johnstown, Windsor and Ault.

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